1895 Shoshone County Map
1895 ID Map
Silver Valley Map


Blackbear, ID  
Burke, ID  
Delta, ID In the late 1890ís Delta had 1,00-1,500 residents. Today there is no indication a town once existed..
Eagle City, ID he first town in the Coeur Dí Alene mining district. Founded in 1883. Most miners camped in tents. No real clear indication today that the town existed. Located in between Murray and Pritchard, ID.
Elk Creek, ID  
Enaville, ID  
Evolution, ID  
Frisco, ID Founded 1897, Frisco, ID (Near Burke, ID).
Gem, ID - Gem Village, ID.  
Kellogg, ID Named after Noah S. Kellogg, who founded the Bunker Hill mine. He first arrived in Murray, ID in May 1884. He died in Kellogg on March 17, 1903 at the age of 72.
Kingston, ID  
Littlefield/Butte City, ID This town held the first elite dance palace in 1884. 30 buildings of the town were destroyed by fire.
Mullan, ID Founded 1884. First named Margood after John Marr and George Good, and was later changed to Mullan to honor Capt. John Mullan who built the Mullan Road from Fort Walla Walla, WA to Montana . .
Murray, ID Founded 1884. Named after George Murray, a part owner of a mining claim on the townsite. Orignally called Murraysville or Murrayville, and later shortened to Murray. Today, Murray consists of one street.
Myrtle (Thiard), ID 1,000 residents in 1885/1886. There is no indication that Myrtle exists today.
Osburn, ID Tom Irwin found first claim in Osburn in 1879. Town was named after Stephen (Bill) Osburn who made a claim for the townsite in 1886.
Pinehurst, ID  
Pritchard, ID Founded in the late 1880ís. Named after A.J. (Andy/Andrew) Pritchard, who was born in CT in 1830. A.J. Pritchard first came to this area whne he arrived in Eagle City, ID in 1880. He died in Murray, ID on October 2, 1902, and is buried in the historic Murray cemetery
Raven, ID Destroyed by forest fire in 1886.
Silverton, ID  
Smelterville, ID  
Wallace, ID Originally called the Townsite of Placer Creek. Colonel W.R. Wallace purchased title to the townsite in 1889 with Sioux Indian Script. He died in Whittier, CA in 1901, and his obituary contains no mention of his founding the town of Wallace, ID.
Wardner, ID Named after Jim Wardner, part discoverer/owner of the Bunker Hill mine. Wardner, British Columbia, Canada is also named after him.